Marc Jacobs: Mini Haul + Review

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So I feel so quite fortunate indeed to finally lay my little gorgeous hands on this products, reasons because I've heard a lot about most of them that I couldn't wait to try them. I feel like I have to express my love for MarcJacobs beauty line over and over again. 
I mean... To cut the long story short? 
From the standard Sleek Packaging to the content of the Product?  
It is total Amazingness! 
Let's see.. 
Re(Marc)Able Full Cover Foundation:
This foundation glides on smooth and takes to your skin like it was meant to be there all along, and shocker: It’s actually good for your skin. The foundation is formulated with coconut water (which I’m obsessing over), so it’s hydrating, and anything hydrating is great for long wear. It also includes anti-aging properties and “soft focus powders” which diffuse light for a subtle, glowy effect. If you’re going for a lot of coverage, don’t hesitate to layer this on because it doesn’t look for feel cakey. This foundation is available in 16 glorious shades and I'm currently using the shade - 82 Cocoa Light - 
 Perfecting Coconut Face Primer: 
We all know that the job of a good face primer, is to create a perfectly smooth canvas for easy makeup application and also to help make your foundation last longer right? I'm happy to say Marc Jacobs Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer does just that, with a fluid formula that makes skin feel noticeably softer. I'm currently using the shade 30 Invisible-
If I remember correctly, I fell in love this perfume even before I had even seen it physically... Reasons because, it's Marc Jacobs and y'all know my love for Daisy.... Secondly, the Packaging... So, I knew instantly I had to get it. 
It's very floral and pretty. I do love the smell it's gorgeous.
But... It's not very concentrated (for those who want concentrated fragrance) You have to keep applying as it would wear off through the day. For the price It's pretty much on the higher side.
I must emphases that I love the packaging, but it is very hard to carry around with you as the lid is so big!
So y'all know by now that This is my favorite of all Marc Jacobs scents. I repurchase it even before I run out because I get so many compliments when Ever I wear this; it isn't overpowering. It isn't full of vanilla and sugar, it's light and flowery, its perfect for both young women and older women. 
Lower me into my grave because I am dying over this line. 
Have you tried the new Marc Jacobs beauty collection? 
What are you loving? 
What do you want to try?

Be Exceptional, Be Beautiful, Be Inspiring and Be Kind to One Another.


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