Fourteen Amazing but hot days in UAE, Dubai - Abu Dhabi

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As the old adage will say, Life is full of moments, some moments are awkward, some are heartbreaking others are exciting but all of them makes us who we are…
As this is a lifestyle blog, i’ll like to keep sharing incredible experiences on my trips as part of who i am, documenting my Travels, Thoughts and Life Events..
My last Trip to the UAE was unlike my other trips because i experienced the culture at its peak and visited lots of exciting places.
I stayed for two weeks Last Month at the Grosvenor House which is the hotel intertwined in Dubai Marina. It was in the heart beat of the main city area however, the hotel was beautiful, the staff were helpful and the rooms were so luxurious it blew me away. The main hotel restaurant serves such delicious food in a buffet style in which we dined for many nights and had breakfast coz it was had to resist. There are also other restaurants spread throughout the main floor of the hotel which gives a large variety to choose from without leaving the hotel.

During the afternoons, we went exploring the malls, the first night we got dining at the Ottoman Restuarant which had mainly Turkish Cuisines within the hotel and walked around to see the atmosphere around the hotel, only to find pretty nice cafes and shisha spots but we ended up sitting outdoors looking at the amazing views that surrounded us (the lights from the hotel and the surrounding grounds creates a relaxing ambiance)… 

this eventually became a ritual.

Abu Dhabi

Our first tour was to the beautiful city of Abu Dhabi thou it was a day round trip, we eventually made it to most of the exciting places.

First we were at the YAS Island were we visited the amazing Yas Viceroy which is the hotel intertwined with the Abu Dhabi F1 - Formula 1 Race Track. It was slightly away from the main city area.

 Then we went to the Saadiyat Island where we saw the Future of Abu Dhabi in a nut shell (Incredible i must say, to have seen how Abu Dhabi has developed within the period of years and where its heading to in the years to come is simple remarkable! ).

We then headed to the Heritage Village where we saw the history of the ancient City of the United Arab Emirates. We headed to the Mall to Chillax For a little while to head to the Majestic Mosque at a perfect time for tourist.
 We ended our tour at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at an incredibly less busy time, i must say that it was one hell of a building… the building from afar was incredible and and unclose it was simple beautiful, and the finishings was nothing to write home about, what kept going through my mind was how much is this building worth?. According to tradition, the Ladies had to cover their bodies from head  to toe before entering the Mosque, so i did as excited. That explains the transformation to this outfit :) 

The overall trip to Abu Dhabi on the tour Bus was simply amazing and the tour guide was also very funny and helpful, that he helped make the journey an educative one.
the next few evenings was spent looking around different malls and making use of what the hotel has got to offer.. I visited the Nail Studio within the hotel for manicure and pedicure and their services was impeccable.
 Desert Safari
Next on our To-Do List was Desert Safari. 
Mennnnn this was an adventure to remember. like seriously, anyone coming to the UAE should go on this safari trip, its going to be an adventure to remember. We stated this trip in a luxurious way, driving in style in the v6 land cruisers. we started the trip in the desert with a Falcon Show where we the told how intelligent the bird is and some display of some of its abilities…

 Then we headed to the for the fun part of the trip DUNE JUMPING. All i can say is that the Adrenaline of Dune Jumping is Fantastic :) i wanted us to continue till God knows when :)
our driver was Yasim and he was incredible at it we had multiple stops as we were in convoy but it was what the wait :)
 We then headed for dinner in the desert were we had Cattle Rides and Belly Dance as dinner went on, The food was good as the sitting arrangement was nice and the shish spot was also amazing :) you should try that … after all those we returned back to the city and rested for the night :)
 Burj Khalifa Dubai
Burj Khalifa was our next trip, the view at the 124th Floor was perfect but when we got to the 148th Floor is was Incredible, the view of Dubai from the top was simply incredible, as to how the built Burj Khalifa, i don’t want to come to that because its one of the best, if not the best thing I’ve seen in recent times. This building is simple the true explanation of what we call over the top.
Oh  Boyyyyy….. I’m tried of writing i wish i could go on and on writing about my experiences but mennn you just have to deal with this, i guess this is the longest I’ve ever written on my blog.

I most definitely did not want to leave the UAE, It was an incredible week of relaxing and exploring in such an incredible Country. I would love to go back to UAE again to see how it has been developed over time and to stay in the Grosvenor House again as it was such a wonderful hotel. 

The location, weather, accommodation and food were all so wonderful to experience that it made this trip the best I have had yet.

Be exceptional, Be Unique, Be Inspiring and don't forget to 
Love Yourselves and be Kind to one Another

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