Well Being: How to detox your life

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I know that most of the time when people think of detox, they think of diet and fitness, Now thats ok! To me?  all that is important but I also think that your mind and life should be detox .. 
Your life is your mind and your mind is your life…
 So? You have to Detox it as well, even thou its sometimes so easy to over look it. 
I hope that these few tips i’ll be sharing, will be as helpful as it has for me…

Me Time !!
Start by Taking some time off for yourself, maybe you work very hard, you have a family you take care for or you're just the very busy type that you haven't had time to take care of yourself.
Take time off those things that keep you busy, It could be an hour or more, just take time to be with yourself, do something you that excites and interest you., you can take a walk, read a book, sleep ... 
Just be by yourself, it's really important for self development and try to enjoy and make the most of it.

  Write in a journal :
Get a journal where you write down your thoughts and feelings and also some productive thoughts . I find that when I write down my thoughts and feelings, it helps me offload so much that's going on in my brain.. 
If I spend some time writing it down,  helps me connect with my inner self and also it helps me clarify my thoughts, you tend to get to know yourself better... 
You know by doing this, you get to think, you get to know what irritates you, what interest you, you know what makes you happy and confident.. 
It's important to get a journal and write..

 Say Goodbye to Toxic People:
By saying Toxic people, I mean people that don't add value to your life, people that don't add value to your wellbeing, people that are only around you to subtract and not add and all they do is take take take take and take and before you know it,  you are left feeling drained, you're left feeling down and stuff. This kind of people need to go.. 
And this are also people that are quite judgmental about the things you do, they always have something negative to say about something you're doing, saying or where you are going ....
This people, you need to kick out. 
You need to be around people that are uplifting and encouraging, people who are positive because they bring out the best part of yourself.
When you start been around Toxic people, you start to behave like them .. 
Don't feel guilty about saying goodbye to these kind of people because life is short, you should be enjoying life because it's your life to live. although it's gonna be hard if that person is close to you, you'll see that in the long run that’s good for you and them as well. 
It's time to grow and blossom, say no to negative energy draining you down. 

Clean up and Clear out! 
This one is really fun. Have a clean out and clear out. It's very therapeutic, I recently did that and I find more space both around me and my closet .. I took away stuffs from makeup to clothing that I don't need and I know that there are people out there that needs all those stuffs . Some of the stuffs I'm giving away to charity and others I'm going to resell on DEPOP (stay tune if you want any) 

Get Moving ! 
After all that clearing out and all that detoxing ? You are finally filled with that sense of optimism and purpose. Get yourself together and figure out the things you need to do. Set goals for yourself maybe a lifestyle change since all those stuffs are gone, start brand new this chapter of your life. With all that optimism that is flowing, it's time to capitalize on it now.
So get moving!

I hope that all these few tips of mine be helpful to y’all..
Lemme know how you Detox yourself…
Be Exceptional, Be Beautiful, Be Inspiring and Be Kind to One Another

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