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It’s pretty common knowledge that bloggers love Rose Gold Everything. 
Myself included. 
Well………. Don’t you just love the Color???  
I’ve realized that one of the biggest fashion trends that has totally gone viral is Rose Gold. Rose Gold’s warm tones blends well with a variety of other colors and skin. 
And what seems to be old school, now is SUPER HOT.
Enjoy the journey in the land of my recent Rose Gold Purchases.....
Perfumes are my better half….
The Trio of sensuous Nude products by Estee Lauder wraps you in a warm, Feminine Scent and comes tucked in a cute box making it a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love.
The set includes: Eau De Parfum Spray (1.7oz), Eau de Parfum Travel Spray ().14oz), Body Veil (3.4oz).
A’int these earrings too GORGEOUS? They are ravishing with a vintage appearance and the display light pink Swarovski elements on a rosy backdrop.
Skagen is currently my favorite new watch brand, and i hadn’t heard of it at all before until it was given to me as a gift. 
First off the style is great for me, extremely thin, light, minimal style that looks expensive and also doesn’t look like anything in the market.
To have Skagen in Rose Gold makes it even more better :)

Prior to picking up this book, I didn't have any preconceived notions; I didn't think it would be the Holy Grail for fitness tips, nor did I think it would be a particularly difficult read. I admit I watch the Kardashian shows for mindless entertainment, but I definitely enjoy Khloe's personality so I knew this would be an enjoyable read with some access into her mindset. 

Why do i feel that we all need Rose Gold Staples to make a lasting impression :) ?? Lemme know what Y'all Thinking !!!
Be Exceptional, Be Beautiful, Be Inspiring and Be Kind to One Another.

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