Men Accessories: Basic Classic Elements

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Its easy to become more fixated on the clothing and shoes, but there is a bit more to classic mens style than that. 

“Accessories” also have their place in a stylish guys wardrobe. with that in mind, here are few suggestions that you might add to your quest for classic style.
A Wristwatch 
These might be considered unnecessary in the era of I-phones, but a decent quality, wristwatch lends an air of classic finish and sophistication to your overall look. 
Tissot wristwatches are know for High quality Brown leather strap with Deployment Tissot buckle and Sapphire crystal, you could try it out for an edge in good taste

A Dress Belt
If you are working hard or saving your pocket money (dependent guys) to assemble a small but good quality wardrobe of menswear items in an effort to kick up your style, you'll want to compliment it with at least one belt in brown (with a brass buckle) and another in black (with a stainless steel buckle) to match with your shoes and watchband for the day.  Good leather belts aren't cheap, but they look much better for much longer than plastic or vinyl.
Louis Vuitton have a large range of Belts with distinguish elements that suits the perfect style.
Glasses (Regular / Sunshades)
Who doesn’t need a pair of sunshades in the seasons especially in the summer? The relevance of sunshades in the summer is a very significant one, aside spicing up your looks for fashion purposes, it helps prevent the eyes from direct contact to the sun. 
A nice pair of sunshade is a necessity for everyone. There are a lot of brands ranging from Gucci, Ray Ban…etc 
plus don’t forget to know the shade of your face to know what frames works for you, so you don’t end up looking funny :)

There was a notion before that said some bracelet are good for health purpose, whether or not the notion is true i don’t know, but bracelets has been trending over the years in the fashion and  people are incorporating it into their personal style. Metallic, leather or skin bracelets can be your statement piece if combine with a nice wristwatch. 

Chains / Rings
this two piece, i was skeptical about for the guys but over the years I’ve seen these two accessories dominating like never before. i realized that even a guy can do with them and till look exquisitely stylish.
The recent wear of rosary chains on the neck is to die for, over the years, i saw the wear of those type of chains as a total disrespect for the purpose of it but now i feel totally different, because it also show in words that people wear it for good luck and with knowledge of what it stands for…
same goes for rings…. 

This is optional but i just want to throw a little light on it for those who might want to try out new or want a change in cologne. i find Tom Ford  as a must have for both  men and women. I’ve tried it and believe me, it what having.
Tom Ford Black Orchid.. A luxurious and sensual fragrance of rich, dark accords and an alluring potion of black orchid is both modern and timeless.. the bottle and the packing is also to die for :)

And there you have it.  Add a few, or all, of these accessory items to your daily wardrobe, and you'll kick up your style several rungs as you climb the style ladder from perpetually sloppy man-child to charming, urbane, and well-groomed adult male.  Try it. 

Featuring: Joseph Yelda
Photo By: Joseph Yelda

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