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I can't be grateful enough for having this comfy hoodie in my life right now.. Y'all know how i love vibrant and radiant colors right? This custom made hoodie is a perfect suit for the fall/winter seasons, coz they provide the the warmth and cozy feeling, plus the print on the hoodie is to die for.
My friend (ELBee tha Bomb)happens to be the Originator of the StreetAnthem Clothing line, for details on how to get this custom made hoodie.........
Details right at the end of the page :)
{stay with me and i will tell you some important facts about hoodies}
 Q. What is so great about a hoodie? 
A. Hoodies keep your body warmer because you lose most of your body heat through your head. 

Q. How many hoodies do I need? 
A. Seniors will think that one is plenty. However, nowadays most people have 5-7 hoodies so that they can display their personality on a daily basis. In the winter, a lot of people wear hoodies every single day. You don't want to have to wear the same thing every day for six months.
 Q. What kind of hoodie is best? 
A. Most people like a zip up hoodie because it won't mess up your hair when you put it on. However, for comfort, the pull on hoodie is best. Zip hoodies also allow for more customization of style than a pullover hoodie. 

Q. How much does a hoodie cost? 
A. You can get a hoodie at StreetAnthem under $50.00. However, they are usually not very high quality. Many of the better hoodies will cost around $50.00 and up. The price difference is partly due to materials the product is made out of and named brands will always cost more.

Do you need to design and order custom hoodies, for your group of friends? 
Maybe you have an upcoming business event or maybe you just want to create a lasting memory? StreetAnthem is the place for you.
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