What Self-Care Means To Me...

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So I read this article the other day, which says the average life is 76 years which approximately  equals 28,000 days, that makes  me think that I gotta leave everyday to the fullest.. 
What are you going to do to make the most of today ??
I find that when I see women comfortable in their own skin..... whatever that is, however that is, whatever way that manifest it self.... It's beautiful 

Today is a day of focus, dream and perseverance. Think about where you want to go, who you want to be, set goals and walk one foot in front of the other. Never for one second let yourself think it's not gonna walk, it might not happen exactly as you have planned or wish, but it's gonna happen so, go make it, create it, love it, believe it, breathe it and be it.

With all that is been said? It all begins with an individual effort, the process of detoxing ones state of mind matters a lot, sometimes we all need to make an effort to achieve that certian need we so desire, I'll let you inn into my personal lifestyle just to let you know what SelfCare is like to me. 
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These days, I try to take good care of myself. I used to think self care was silly and indulgent; now I view it as something vital—essential to my health and my sanity. (I’ve come to believe it from a productivity standpoint)
I used to be bad at self care; now I’m pretty good at it. (I have my bad days: like when I just stayed up till midnight to finish a great book or check out some of my favorite episodes when I don't fall asleep or when Vinnie is not around) 
During the transition there was a time when I started believing that it could possibly be a good idea to put my own needs before anyone else.
Self care right now looks like recharging my body as reliably as I charge up my iPhone. It means sleeping far away from my phone and setting the alarm to wake me up just in time for my morning prayers. It means trashing old nighties and getting new ones to facilitate my sleep. It means switching of the light in decent time thou it's like mission impossible and with the tackle from Vinnie.
Self care to me feels like me trashing my old holey underwear and buying 7 new pretty pairs. And then it looks like taking the time to fold them neatly in my underwear drawer, because it makes me feel happy every time I open it.
Self care to me feels like me stepping back from the foods that others can eat with no ill effects, but make me feel like crap. It looks like eating more salads. It looks like drinking more water. It looks like heading to gym excising.
| Salad Made by Me: Broccoli, Tomatoes, Onions, AlmondSeeds, SweetCorn, Carrots |
| Tea bags and Mint Leaves |
| Water with Lemon to taste |
Self care to me feels like pampering my body, mind and soul.. Pampering myself with a hot bath, using the most tender and aromatic bathing gel, using moisturizers that helps keep my skin hydrated and refreshed also taking time to visit the spa atleast ones or twice a month, getting massages so my shoulders and neck don’t start screaming at me. 
 | FOREVER Aroma Spa Collection || MarcJacobs EAU SoFresh | MarcJacobs DaisyDream | VS WarmCozyMist | MichaelKors SexyAmber |
Its also replacing my favorite skin care products( Oh! LUSH … LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has been my most recent Skin Care Product and I enjoy them to perfection, it leaves my skin highly moisturized, hydrated with a glow and radiant finish, not to talk of the tenderness it adds to my skin.. Lush products are made from Natural Ingredients and it's know for its revitalizing benefits. Its simply Immaculate). 
| LUSH KarmaKream | YummyMummy | CupCake | 9to5 | Herbalism | LipService |Neutrogena PoreRefiningCleanser|Clean and Clear facial cleanser|Stress Relief |Neutrogena Oil
Self care to me feels like getting new gadgets when I can afford them and letting go of my old ones (selling or auctioning them) because technology advances and specification also increases.. It also means adding to my self knowledge and also broadening my intellectual skills, not forgetting my love of mobile application.. 
Self care to me feels like me shopping and replacing a couple of pieces from my wardrobe (coz nothing hunts me more like the things I  didn't buy) also trying to conquer my unhealthy obsession for shoes. It's also means me enjoying every sip of my tea or coffee while I try to meditate alone or while reading the news paper to keep me on track with the recent happenings. 
And more than anything, self care is trusting my gut believing and accomplishing anything I set in mind to do, the perfect state of mind, right attitude, self actualization and It’s choosing to make—and act on—the assumption that I have time to take care of myself, even if it doesn’t feel that way in the moment...
I believe there are whole lot of categories I'm forgetting here, but I guess this is a little from my mystery box..
Take time today to make sure you carter for yourself the best way you can.. Lemme know what self care looks like for you right now? 
Be Exceptional, Be Beautiful, Be Inspiring and Be Kind to One Another. Kisses!! 
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Camera: Nikon D520
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