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If you haven’t notice, I'm a huge fan of gel manicures, but they really are pretty pricey and now that I’ve graduated from Uni, i think I’ve got time but, i still struggle to go to the nail saloon. As i was shopping the other day, i came across this gorgeous nail polishes from Bourjois Paris and i taught to try them out. Let me tell you how I use it (and what else I use it with) and how it has changed the game for my at home manicures! 
| Vintex Nail Desolver, Nail File |
| Manicure Set |        
Step by Step Process
1. File and shape nails, wash and dry. 
2. Apply base coat of Bourjois Paris
3. Apply coat of nail color polish.
4. Apply another coat of Bourjois Paris
5. Apply 2nd coat of nail color polish.
6. Apply one last coat of Bourjois Paris
7. Top with Bourjois Paris 1Sec 
| Here's my finished look |
As I type that out it sounds like a lot, but I barely give any drying time in between coats (just the time it takes me to finish both hands). With the Bourjois Paris 1Sec 
 as a top coat my nails really are dry to touch within a couple of minutes and completely dry (like I can go to sleep and not wake up to destroyed nails) within a half an hour. The best part is that with this routine my nail polish really does last at least 2 weeks (through all hand-sanitizing and washing) without chipping at all. Usually after a week I'll add a fresh coat of Bourjois Paris 1Sec 

to get the shine back, but that's about it! I don't think I'll ever have to go back to real gel manicures now that I've figured out this routine, yay for saving money and still having nice looking nails! 
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