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Another year has come + gone, + I’m in a ~reflection//appreciation~ mode.
All glory to God.

The year 2017 has been incredible and it seen to go by in a flash. I have achieved a lot and to some point, I can say, I’m living the life of my own dreams, although some of my aspirations are still in a working process (but I believe in little or no time I’ll get there- just been optimistic about it) 
“A blank page of about 365 page book is about to start, what’s your Story gonna be?Let's Write a good one.”
 It requires a lot of discipline if you want to get anywhere (that has always been my focus). You have to be aware of your strengths, and of your weaknesses. And you have to hone in those weaknesses everyday.
This year particularly has been a learning process and also, a one of GROWTH as an Individual, as a Wife and Mother.
With that been said, lets dive into some of the important lessons i've learnt.

How life changes after having a baby!

I should probably write about this on a separate blog post, because I have Lot to share, but let me try to summarize.
“Becoming a parent changes everything.”
You've probably heard this sentence many times. I’ve learnt that Having a baby is not only about having new responsibilities and a little one to love. It also influences your daily schedule, your diet, your sleep and even the amount of time you spend in the bathroom lol.
I’ve Also learnt that I’m not the first anymore neither is hubby, my baby is always my priority, My emotions, such as worries or intense joy, all revolve around my little angel.
Romantic dinners with candles suddenly become few and far between. I try not to let hubby feel neglected by trying hard to keep the spark in our relationship. 
It’s amazing that you can be that exhausted and be that happy at the same time. - That explains true parenting. 

Giving Back is Everything :
Just like Maya Angelo once said ...
I've learned that every day you should reach out and touch someone. People love a warm hug, or just a friendly pat on the back…'  People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ 
This statement is so true.. 
Giving back means a lot and i have learnt to apply it to my day to day life. I’m glad that we were able to do a lot this year and I pray that May seed we’ve planted blossom. 
I’ve learnt that, the Expression of appreciation is essential to any successful relationship. 
It goes a long way no matter how little you think it is. It is important to let the people in your life, be it family, friends or loved one, that you care and appreciate them, it does not only rekindle your relationship or make your bond stronger but it makes the person to wanna do more. 
I’ve learnt to appreciate and be thankful to my hubby more, because having a little one can divert your attention a little bit.
You can show appreciation by gifts or even kind words. 
I’ve also learnt that not all are going to be appreciative of you, remember that it shouldn’t stop you from being you.
Even the good books tell us to be thankful so I guess it doesn’t hurt right? 
Showing this quality has many proven benefits
Surround yourself with People that matter:
Say goodbye to toxic people, By saying Toxic people, I mean people that don't add value to your life, people that don't add value to your wellbeing, people that are only around you to subtract and not add and all they do is take take take take and take and before you know it,  you are left feeling drained, you're left feeling down and stuff. This kind of people need to go.. 
And this are also people that are quite judgmental about the things you do, they always have something negative to say about something you're doing, saying or where you are going ....
This people, you need to kick out. 
You need to be around people that are uplifting and encouraging, people who are positive because they bring out the best part of yourself.
When you start been around Toxic people, you start to behave like them .. 
Don't feel guilty about saying goodbye to these kind of people because life is short, you should be enjoying life because it's your life to live. although it's gonna be hard if that person is close to you, you'll see that in the long run that’s good for you and them as well. 
It's time to grow and blossom, say no to negative energy draining you down. 
Taking a break is important
I think we all need to remember that it’s important to take a break every once in a while. I took a break from blogging earlier last year and I learned that it was the best choice for me at that time. Although I love blogging, I found myself in a rut of lack of inspiration and motivation when it came to writing and publishing posts. 
As a first time Mum, I was trying to find my bearing... 
Taking that break definitely showed me that it’s important to take a step back sometimes and not to put too much pressure on yourself to do something. Taking that break allowed me to regain my love for blogging and made me realise what a big part of my life it is now.
Family Trips 
By family trips I mean, packing your bags going on Vacation, and spending quality time with your family.
I’ve always been a person who loves family time while growing up, when I got married, vacations where like getaways or more so, post honeymoon, because it was just the two of us. 
This time around, We had our first family vacation with our little one, just before she turned one, it was a great one and I wish I could rewind it back. This culture is one to keep. At least once a year go somewhere different. I feel like it’s the best way to get rid of mental and physical exhaustion from the everyday routine.
Also, Science has proven that a holiday makes a child happier and smarter. So pack your bags and go on a family vacation, to introduce your child to fascinating experiences and to foster strong bonds. 
I’m stronger than I think I am 
You know the saying that says, being a mom is a super power? Maybe they ain’t wrong afterwards, anyone who knows me know I ain’t weak, but being a mum has started to make me feel like a superhero Hahha
I find myself being awake sometimes all through the night and still alert through the day. I see some of fears beginning to disappear right before my eyes, I see myself fighting back tears in hard situations, I see myself protecting my little one like some Batista and I see myself referring to the saying, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
On the religious side of things, I ain’t left out either.
Developing our little one has Always been our number one priority, it should be for every parent.
No one would argue that raising children of character demands time and big effort. While having children may be doing what comes naturally, being a good parent is much more complicated....
When I look at my little one every day, I find that she keeps progressing in her thoughts and her strength. she’s so cute, kind and compassionate at 13months,(you can see that through her gestures) thou she sometimes don’t get loose around a lot of adults, but she does get loose around kids :. 
The things she does sometimes amazes me to the point that I can pat my own back and say We’re not doing bad as parents, there’s something we’re doing really great. And I’m so proud.
I’ve learnt that Most times, children turn out to be true reflection of their parents, it’s what you do that they copy that’s why we need to keep a good and positive attitude around then.
I love being a Mom

The way my baby's face lights up when she wakes up in the morning says it all. She doesn't care what I look like or if I've been grumpy all day, she's always happy to see me.  It's crazy the ways babies express love.  And how she screams when I walk away--ok sometimes not cute but I can tell it's out of pure love and it makes me feel important. There's nothing like it.
I've only been a mom for 13months.  I'm still learning how to juggle taking care of my baby while living life. The past months have been eye-opening and a lot has changed about how I think and act. 
I love being a mom because there’s nothing more amazing than watching your child grow and learn...

People are going to leave 
Some of these people are a loss, and some of them are not. The bottom line is if someone decides to walk out of your life, let them. Are they worth fighting for if they don't even want to stay? Put your effort into those who want to be by your side, and let the others go. It's their loss, because you deserve only the best people by your side.
What important lessons have you learnt in 2017? 
Also, I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one of you who comes to read my blog posts. I feel really lucky for the community we’ve built here. 
You’re the best!

Be Exceptional, Be Beautiful, Be Inspiring and Be Kind to One Another
Have a Splendid Year ahead.

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