Sky Diving For Summer!!!

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As part of my Summer Series, I've tried to generate ideas for fun during the summer Vacation for you guys and myself ofcouse.
Heres what i call the highest height of adventure, fun and excitement….
Fuad Naser is from Palestine but has basically spent his life in Jordan, he studied Civil Engineering at Near East University where he graduated, He's now an Engineer in Saudi Arabia. Traveling and meeting new people are some of his interest. His one of the coolest, smart, intelligent and Funniest guys I've met in recent times. 
Here is what he thinks you should do for the summer. He wants you to get out of your comfort zones
and experience the excitement of a life time. 

Sky Diving!!!!

Fuad went Sky diving at the  Palm Island in Dubai (UAE). As for he's experience?
In his own words, "It was the greatest feeling ever! Actually i lost all my feeling once i jumped out Hahah" :)
Would you wanna try this? I dunno if i could either....

The beautiful view of the Palm Island looks Amazing and Inviting .
I would describe Fuad's personal Style as Simple but he keeps it real with classical elements to stand out. If he were to pick out his favorite Designers, he would go for Burberry, Boss and Louis Vuitton, as for Cars, he would go for Mercedes.    
Let me know what your plans are for the summer, or feel free to tell me what you think i should try out this summer and it will make me happy.
Love yourselves and be Kind to one another.

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